Plastic Round Bottle Screw Top Mockup 61×145

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This plastic bottle mockup is a beverage bottle for use in your dairy product designs. Capable of holding 12 fl. oz. this bottle mockup is often used to package dairy drinks and other cold beverages. Some examples include drinkable yogurts, cold-pressed juices, chilled beverages, iced tea, flavored milk, energy drinks, and smoothies.

Measuring 61x145mm, this white molded bottle features a round contoured body and a screw-top cap. This yogurt bottle mockup also features a 38mm continuous thread tamper-evident screw closure typically found on dairy bottles with a DBJ neck finish.

The dairy bottle is rendered as white but can be shifted to any color such as blue using the color adjustment layer. When your designs are ready for rendering they will be applied automatically to the round bottle without the need for smart objects. The result is a glossy plastic bottle with transparent background and license free mockup.

This 12oz 3D bottle mockup for consumer beverage product packaging is rendered from multiple high-angle or eye-level shots and features 3 different light setups.

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