Tin Can Seam Lid Mockup 87×43

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This tin can mockup with a seam lid is a food-grade can for use in your product designs. Capable of holding 6 fl. oz. this can mockup is often used to package seafood or wet foods. Some examples include pacific salmon, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, skipjack tuna, albacore tuna, and pet food cans.

Measuring 87x43mm, this metallic tuna can features a cylindrical straight-sided body and a seam lid top. This seafood can mockup also features 2 piece construction with the body integrated to the bottom, and a plain end seamed to the canner’s end.

The metal can is rendered as silver but can be shifted to any color such as gold using a color adjustment layer. When your designs are ready for rendering they will be applied automatically to the tuna can without the need for smart objects. The result is a glossy tin can with transparent background and license free mockup.

This 6oz 3D tin can mockup for product packaging is rendered from multiple high-angle or eye-level shots and features 3 different light setups.

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