Tin Can Slip Lid Mockup 86×103

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This tin can slip lid mockup is a silver tin can for use in your tea product designs. Capable of holding 24 fl. oz. this tin can mockup is often used to package flavored tea or ground coffee. Some packaging examples include earl grey tea, lemon tea, loose leaf tea, herbal tea, coffee or confectionery tin cans.

Measuring 86x103mm, the 3 piece silver tin container features a curl out at the bottom and slip lid top. This round tin container mockup also features rolled edges around the wide mouth opening for an airtight seal.

The metal can mockup is rendered as grey but can be shifted to any colour such as yellow, gold or red using a colour adjustment layer. When your product mockup designs are ready for rendering they will be applied automatically to the tea can mockup without the need for smart objects. The result is glossy tin can with transparent background and license free mockup.

This 24oz 3D tin can for consumer food can designs is rendered from multiple high-angle or eye-level shots and features 3 different light setups.

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