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Even though almost all of us have gone purely digital now with our smartphones and smart watches but we still look out for a clock hung on a wall to check the time. It is one of those habits which we cannot seem to get over and we think that’s perfectly okay. Like this is something we know about ourselves that whenever we go to a friend’s place or visit an office, the first thing we try to find is their wall clock. Is it pretty? How fancy are the numbers? Is the material complementing the environment? These are some of the questions that cross our mind whenever we want to look at and judge a wall clock.

That isn’t our love for the wall clocks that gave us the inspiration to write this blog but an incident that took place today and we had to come up with something for you guys as well. So, we started our day just fine, we woke up, made our breakfast and were about to have it when we noticed that our favorite wall clock has stopped working. Now, we would want to be honest here that we don’t know if it stopped working all of a sudden or if we were too busy to even notice anything around that wall.

But that actually motivated us to work on a wall clock mock-up PSD file for you guys. Since, new year is just around the corner we know that most of the companies must be preparing their corporate gift lists and we felt that this was the right time to write and share the blog here. So, if you are one of those brand managers / agency people who still have to work on their suggestions for the corporate gift boxes then know that you have come to the right place as we will be sharing our free wall clock mock-up PSD file with you guys today!

Our mockup PSD is highly editable and it will allow you to incorporate as many edits as you would want to so that you can create a design that goes with your brand. You can also use this free wall clock mock-up PSD file if you have an online home décor store or a physical store. Honestly, almost anyone who has a décor business can be benefitted from our blog so, let’s get started with the basics first:

To keep it simple and subtle, we decided to choose one plain color for the inside of the wall clock. Another reason of why we have done that is because we know you would want to pick and choose multiple colors to create a theme or may be a pattern will be incorporated to give it a classier look. You are free to take any route which you think would work best for your customized order as well as for your business partners.
We absolutely love how numbers are played with for a wall clock but we chose to keep them simple and gave them a more sophisticated look. Also, because minimalism is what we are rooting for so there’s that.
And like you can see, we have kept the space vacant which can be used to include a brand’s name and the tag line too.
To give you all a fair idea about the size of the wall clock, we have included a human hand in our mock-up PSD file as we wanted to cover everything that is relevant to the design.
Now, all you have to do is to get your hands on our free wall mock-up PSD file and bring life to your ideas by putting them together in the design. We would like to suggest you to also experiment with some thematic concepts as well like you can literally list down all the famous super heroes, casts from the hit TV seasons and movies etc. and create customized designs for anyone who would like to place an order with you. Or how about giving a surprise to your best friend by incorporating their favorite motivational quotes into the wall clock design.

Also, and this is like very important – no matter what, you have to make sure that your designs are demonstrated in a proper mockup presentation so that all the concerned individuals from your internal team(s) as well as from the client’s end can take informed decisions about the design itself and for the printing and manufacturing of the wall clocks.

That is all for today guys! We are positive that you will create brilliant wall clock designs with our perfectly designed mock-up PSD. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and favorite colleagues so that they can work on their unique ideas too!

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